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Hi, I’m ECHO, your virtual assistant at Untold brought to you by Cognizant Softvision.
My purpose is to share my endless knowledge with everyone. Together with the King, the Archer, the Muse and the Tech Knight we will make your experience more enjoyable. I will guide you through the land of adventure and they will bring some extra fun and cool prizes. Dare to enter the magical realm.

ECHO - The Smart Virtual Assistant

There will be times during the festival when you will be wondering: When is Robbie Williams singing? Where can I stay and chill? What are my public transportation options? I’ll make your festival experience easier and more enjoyable! You will find me at the Untold Info Points. I can share information quickly about the magical realm of Untold.

Meet me at the Info Points.
I’ll show you the way!

The King

Master of Innovation

Kings have fallen and kings have risen, but now the real power is in your hands. It's been said that drones will change the world! Be part of the innovation. Join the Cognizant Softvision Treasure Hunt during Untold and get the chance to win a drone. At the end of the festival, with the power of fate, I will decide the winner of a DJI Mavic Air drone.

I open the innovation gate.

The Archer

Master of Treasure Hunt

The Hunter does not take any chances and does not miss any details. Be prepared, for when you meet him, he will discover if all the pieces of the challenge are completed.
Read the contest rules here.

Have you really found
all the shattered pieces?

The Muse

Master of Body Marbling tattoo

The hunt is over, you no longer have to wait to meet the Muse. The goddess bestows the gift of inspiration upon the artist, for she is the one who enriches all creative vision and brings talent to life.

Normal is boring
Get a temporary tattoo!

The Tech Knight

Master of Tech Quizzes

Are you a tech master or a young apprentice? Answer the query of the Tech Knight and he shall reward you with a crest of the kingdom. Take this challenge, solve the quiz and win a Booster V electric scooter daily.
Read the contest rules here

Knowledge is rewarded.